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How To Train Your Brain To Eat Healthier!
According to new research, the key to dieting might just be portion control, and you can train your brain to eat healthier! SourceFed’s Matt Lieberman joins DNews to tell you how you can teach your brain.

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Size matters when convincing your brain to eat healthier foods
“Playing with the portions of good and not-so-good-for-you foods is better than trying to eliminate bad foods, according to a study.”

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Fast Food in the Future

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Are You a Narcissist?


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Diet Tips: My BAD Eating Habits | Wengie | Lose Weight by changing your eating habits
This videos is created to help you stick to your goal of changing your eating habits so that you can eat healthier! I wanted to share my journey as well so you can understand what I went through and how I used to eat. This video is not intended to tell you what your body should or should not look like. My opinion of my body is my own and yours should be too. Don’t let anyone including me influence you to risk your health for a a body that causes you to go on crash or fad diets to achieve. Body shaming of any sort is NOT COOL. Please ensure that you always listen to your body and go to your family doctor if you ever have any questions about your diet and your eating habits or if you feel tired, nauseous or fatigued while changing your eating routine.

My 7 day diet food plan with recipes and calorie counts:


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Top 3 Diet Rules for Healthy Eating (What, When & How to Eat) – HD in HINDI
Dr Sonica Krishan narrates Top 3 Diet Rules for Healthy Eating (Living). Know What to Eat, When to Eat & How to Eat. Following these simple rules of Ayurveda, the ancient healthcare wisdom science, will give you perfect digestion, good health and long life. Also, this will be your ‘SURAKSHA KAVACH’ to save you from so many diseases.
What to Eat – Eat Satvik diet that is Natural
When to Eat – Eat when the Sunrays are strong
How to Eat – Eat Mindfully
More Healthcare Tips:…

Mimi’s Tips on Healthy Diet
I live by a quote ” You are what you eat” . So, in this video I share with you some of my tips on healthy eating. You do not need to follow all of my tips, it’s good to know what’s healthy and not, and then make your own decisions as to how you will live your life and what to eat regularly.…

Healthy Eating Guidelines || Food Combining || Healthy Eating Facts || Health Tips In Urdu Hindi
Woh Gizain jo aik sath nahi khaani chahiye
Baaz auqaat mufeed se mufeed aur achi se achi cheeze khanay se is liye nuqsaan pohanchana hai ke is ke sath koi aisi cheez khayi jati hai jo is mein zahrili soorat peda kardeti hai. lehaza un cheezon ko aik hi waqt mein akatha khanay se parhaiz karna chahiye .
doodh aur khatti cheezon ko aik sath khanay se jaisay kalonji, imli, sirka, lemoo, gosht, machhli waghera un tamam cheezon ke sath doodh ka kabhi istemaal nah karen .
khichdi aur kheera dahi aur and_h achaar aur dahi shehad aur kharboza dahi ke sath garam roti
un mein kuch cheeze qadri tor par garam, khushk aur kuch cheeze sard taseer ki haamil hain. jab un ka aik sath istemaal kya jata hai to un ki keemiyai hesiyat badal jati hai jis ki wajah se maiday aur jigar ki bemariyan peda hoti hain. baaz auqaat aisa bhi hota hai ke un cheezon ke ikhatay khanay se koi nuqsaan nahi pohanchana is ke maienay yeh nahi ke usool ghalat hai balkay insaan ki qowat mudafat bemari par ghalib ajati hai jis ki wajah se insaan bemari ke hamlay se bach jata hai. apni raye comments mein bitayen
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ELECTIVEVIDS Is All About Health and Beauty Tips for all but specially for young generation Health Problems, Desi Nuskhe totkay and Wazaif to Improve health, Islami Wzaif, Health and Fitness Related All Of Men Problem, Desi Totakay and Tips, News, Funny Videos, Lataif & Muchhi aajay ga .…

10 Easy Ways to Get Healthy for Beginners, Where to Start? Nutrition Tips | Health Coach
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10 Easy Ways to Get Healthy for Beginners, Where to Start? Nutrition Tips | Health Coach

Corrina discusses the three main reasons why nutrition can be so confusing. It’s easy to be overwhelmed by all the different diets, diet pills, conflicting health information, etc. These simple tips will help you make sense of nutrition info and take control of your health.

Featuring Corrina Rachel

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Corrina’s Website:

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WORST Breakfast Foods & Healthy Alternatives! What to Eat, Weight Loss Tips | Corrina Rachel
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WORST Breakfast Foods & Healthy Alternatives! What to Eat, Weight Loss Tips | Corrina Rachel

Corrina reveals some of the WORST breakfast foods and offers ideas for how you can eat a healthy breakfast to support weight loss and nutrition.

Healthy Options:

LivWell Vegan Protein Powder:

Dad’s Granola

Corrina’s Websites:

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9 Best Antioxidant Foods! Red Wine for Anti Aging? Healthy Eating Tips for Weight Loss & Energy
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9 Best Antioxidant Foods! Red Wine for Anti Aging? Healthy Eating Tips for Weight Loss & Energy

In this video, Certified Holistic Health Coach Corrina Rachel reveals the 9 best antioxidant sources! She discusses red wine and where it falls among the top antioxidant foods, the ORAC rating system of antioxidant activity and how antioxidants help combat the aging process.

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10 Tips for Sticking to Healthy Eating Habits!
My 10 tips I recommend you consider if you are trying to implement and follow healthy eating habits. No matter what type of “diet”/meal plan you are on, all 10 of these tips can be applied and help you stick to your plan!

Meal Plans:

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