Q&A: Healthy Eating Tips – African Diet
I invited my very good friend Obi Ohuruogu along who is a professional trainer and has trained top class athletes to answer some questions. I had a lot of fun recording!

Some of the topics we discussed were:

1. Setting weight loss goals in the New Year – 4:35 min
2. Should women lift weights? – 7:59 min
3. Staying fit and in shape on an African diet – 10:36 min
4. Biggest weight loss mistake – 17:48 min

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7 Tips On How To Be Healthy For TEENAGERS! (exercise, diet, sleep…)
Today’s video is on how to be healthy as a teenager, and I don’t mean losing wait or being skinny, but eating well, making sure you get at least a little bit of exercise, getting off your phone and sleeping well. I also mention a little bit on mental health.
DISCLAIMER: I am not a medical professional (duh) so don’t use these tips instead of something a doctor might have told you specifically not to do. But then again, these tips won’t harm you if used in the right way.

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8 Simple Ways To Be Healthier
Avocados beat mayo any day.

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Nut butter battle: Almond vs. peanut




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Nutrition – Simple Guide To Any Body Transformation | Furious Pete
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Cambodia News Today | Hun Sen’s Health is Going To Be…Very Soon No Doctor Can Cure

Youtube channel News4u is created to share you all the most recently news happening in Cambodia including political news, land dispute, corruption in Cambodia and other social news. Political news is one of the breaking news which most of Cambodian people want to know about current politicians such as Hun Sen, Sam Rainsy, Kem Sokha, Khem Veasna, Mam Sonando, Sourn Serey Ratha and other people working in current government rank, opposition party as well as NGOs.
Most video are collected from facebook that people created to share to thousands of people in order the express their feeling about Cambodia situation and other purposes.

Popular Videos You Should Watch:

San Sochea: https://youtu.be/F732Dyn0otM
Cambodia History: https://youtu.be/qM2VQwB1U8U
Khem Veasna: https://youtu.be/lyd6o8AJnXM
Mam Sonando: https://youtu.be/GZ-77rLzD7I
Kem Sokha: https://youtu.be/ynH20WK3xck

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Healthy Eating Tips for Teens
http://www.encompassnutrients.com/store/ As a teen you may think that things are pretty easy right now and one doesn’t have to worry about their health or well-being of their body and they can simply eat whatever they want. Even though they may think that, a ten actually needs to think about how to help his or her body for the future, because if you don’t fix that now it can turn into an issue alter that a lot of people don’t’ want to have to deal with. It can even lead to health problems and weight gain, which opens the door to a while slew of disease and such. In this article however you will be able to find out some of the healthy eating tips for teens to help them keep healthy and stay healthy. …


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The liver is one of the most important organs in the human body. Filtering the blood is the main job of this organ. It also metabolizes drugs, detoxifies chemicals and makes proteins essential for blood clotting.

Stressful living conditions, intoxicated environment, heavy drinking habits, chain smoking habits and poor diet can really harm your liver. If you want to restore and keep its proper function, you have to remove these toxins from your liver with some natural methods.

Liver is the most important organ that retains toxins despite toxins are stored in the body’s entire fat. Liver can surrender to chronic issues as a result of impairment, although it has its own algorithm to flush out the toxins from the body.

Today we will present you 10 tell-tale signs that your liver is actually dysfunctional.

1. Varicose veins and hemorrhoids.

These issues manifest as a consequence when the circulatory system begins to fail. Poor circulation id foten caused by unhealthy liver.

2. Jaundice.

This is a classic symptom that you have problem with your liver. You skin and whites of your eyes turn yellow when jaundice takes over your body.

3. Bright or Pale Stool.

If you have liver complaints your stool will look far more brighter than usual (very little is being released).

4. Pain Around the Eyebrows.

It may be well related with ongoing liver problem because of body imbalance if you feel a headache that starts behind the eyes. Your organism will actually react with inflammation behind your eyes when blood and food are not properly filtered in the liver or digested.

5. Feeling Nauseous.

Since the liver has direct ‘feedback’ on your digestive system, it is very usual to feel some form of nausea when the liver is not doing its job properly. When you experience this nausea, keep a track of which foods you have been consuming. You will experience a higher degree of nausea when you consume foods with a higher load of toxicity.

6. Pain under your shoulder blades.

You will often feel pain across your upper-to-mid-back part if the liver is not able to properly secrete bile.

7. Bitter taste in the mouth.

The liver releases bile to break down food into digestive system when you eat food. As a result of your liver releasing unusual amounts of bile, you might notice a bitter taste in the mouth after consuming food.

8. Bile “attack”.

It is likely secreting bile in large quantities when something is not good with your liver. It doesn’t work well if you have bile attack.

9. Chronic fatigue.

You definitely have liver problems if you feel chronically exhausted and tired. The liver is not able to detox the blood efficiently when it’s not healthy anymore. Transporting oxygen throughout the body is the main function of the blood in your blood vessels so it won’t perform this job as effectively as it should if the blood is “sick”. You will experience fatigue during the day as a result.

10. You can also feel stomach pain after a large meal with too many fats.

This organ also helps in the digestion of food. You will usually experience a stomachache after eating a fatty meal. This problem can be avoided if you diet is low in excessively processed and refined foods.

How can you improve your liver function naturally?

Reducing and totally cutting alcohol consumption and living a healthy lifestyle are the ideal ways to keep your liver healthy. Consuming a mostly plant-based diet, drinking plenty of healthy water and regular exercising will help your liver to optimize nutrient absorption.

You should also reduce the consumption of dairy and wheat processed foods. Lemon water in the morning will make your liver work less laboriously.

Remedies and Herbs That that will Cleanse your Liver!

Yellow dock root, peppermint, turmeric, chicory root, Borotutu bark, milk thistle, garlic, Brussels sprouts, walnuts, avocados, leafy greens, grapefruit, artichokes, Beets and carrots.


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HOW TO GET BACK ON TRACK | 5 Healthy Diet Tips + Tricks
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Hi guys! Welcome back to my channel 🙂 Today’s video is all about how to get back on track after being not-so-healthy! It happens to ALL of us…sometimes life gets in the way of leading a healthy lifestyle, and that’s okay! It’s all about being able to bounce back & not resort to extremes! I’m sharing my top 5 tips that I personally use to get me back on track when I’m not feeling my best. Hope you guys find them helpful! xx Becca

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