Scheduling My Port Surgery? | News From My Home Health Company? 3/1/2018

Scheduling My Port Surgery? | News From My Home Health Company? 3/1/2018
Thank you guys very much for watching our ?vlog, we greatly appreciate it! Today we celebrate My Best friend Jaquies ?Birthday even though she’s not here yet ! lol soon she will be. Most importantly we have a ?‍⚕️doctors appointment with the General ?surgeon to ask some questions and make sure everything will be okay with the surgery and to ?schedule it as well ! Thank you guys so much, have an amazing day! Love and subscribe to our channel?.

We Launched our ?patreon page which were promoting ?Raw dieting for your ?furry friends and helping pet owners transition from kibble? to raw. There is a lot of misleading information out there and I would help direct you to what fits best for your furry ?family member.
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